Baba Arctic Fanfare
A single

Robin Hopper

In 1967, the Arctic Winter Games were founded to allow athletes living above the 55th parallel to compete in indoor and outdoor sports including traditional Arctic sports like the two foot high kick, snow snake, arm pull and knuckle hop.

Every two years since 1970, the Arctic Winter Games have been an international athletic, social and cultural event for Americans, Canadians, Greenlanders and Russians of the Northern Latitudes. Each bi-annual event is hosted in a different city. In 1996, the games were held in Eagle River, Alaska. Robin was commissioned by the Host Society to write the theme song.

Robin performed the song at the opening and closing ceremonies and at many of the awards events during the week of the games. The performance at the closing ceremonies was particularly moving when several of Robin's students signed the words to the song as Robin sang. The lyrics shown below capture the true meaning of the Arctic Winter Games emphasizing both the competition and the cultural aspects of the games. The melody has a driving beat, and when sung, it touched the very hearts of the athletes, spectators and participants.

Arctic Fanfare

In the dream -
Of the game,
We are all one and the same.

For the sky;
Who knows how high 'til we try.

In the spirit of adventure,
We meet and part as friends.
'Neath arctic nights,
And northern lights,
The memory never ends.

So here we stand,
Hand to hand in the snow.
United with a purpose:
To learn, to strive, and grow.

Come -
Join the game.
After all, we are all one and the same.

In this wild, arctic land,
Together we'll grow -
Hand in hand.

© 1995, Robin Hopper

About the Cover: About the Cover:

"The official logo of the 1996 Chugiak-Eagle River Arctic Winter Games is Baba. The logo was selected as a result of a city-wide contest offered to all students in the Anchorage area. The winning design was produced by Kerry Neill, a 12th grade student at East High School in Anchorage. Her original design best satisfied the criteria of the contest, which required the entrants to incorporate mountains and rivers; the dominant geographical features of the Chugiak-Eagle River area; the spruce tree which represents the year round tenacity of the northern people; and the salmon, representing the cycles of nature and the continuity of the Arctic Winter Games."

"Given its importance to the survival and culture of the indigenous Alaskan people, the salmon has also been selected as the official mascot of the 1996 Games. Named after Dena'ina word for fish, Baba is a lively, friendly creature who loves sports and people. Baba exemplifies the warm reception and the spirit of the Games that was shared by all who joined us in the celebration at the 1996 Arctic Winter Games." Cami Book, 1996 Arctic Winter Games

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