When Robin is not teaching music to 400 elementary students in Eagle River, Alaska, this wife and mother is busy composing acoustic folk music and
performing at coffeehouses and music festivals throughout the "Last Frontier" and the Lower 48.

Robin grew up in Potsdam, New York; a small college town north of the Adirondacks.  She attended Potsdam State University as a vocal major, where she earned both a Bachelors and a Masters degree in music education.  She taught Elementary Music in the Madrid-Waddington School District for 6 years before moving to Alaska in 1984.  She has been a Classroom Music Specialist in the Anchorage School since 1984, and is an adjunct faculty member of the University of Alaska, in the Music Education department.  In 1991, she was awarded the title of "Nationally Certified Music Educator" by the MENC (Music Educator's National Conference) - a status then bestowed on only 244 teachers nationwide, and in 2000, she was named "Anchorage Educator of the Year" by the Anchorage Educators Association.  She feels fortunate to be one of the lucky few performing songwriters whose "day job" also revolves around music.

As a child, Robin's home was filled with music from the likes of Tennessee Ernie Ford, Chet Atkins, The Rooftop Singers, Mills Brothers, Peter Paul and Mary, Simon & Garfunkel, and the Kingston Trio.  Her music is flavored with the taste of their harmonies and "easy listening" style.  As an adult, Robin has attended many songwriting camps and events, and has been influenced by many of todayıs best writers and performers.  Her music reflects the influence of such writers and mentors as Steve Seskin, Cliff Eberhardt, Kristina Olsen, Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer, Johnsmith, and Bill Staines, to name a few.

Robin's work has gained notice in songwriting competitions over the years.  She received Honorable Mention for two songs in the Northern California
Songwriter's Association Song Contest in 2002, and has been a four-time Top Five Finalist in the Alaska Public Radio Network's Song of the Year Contest. (1996,1998, 2001, 2003)  She was named the Overall Winner in the APRN Song of the Year Contest in 2003, with her piece "Ring Around The Moon".  She has also been the winner of many sub-categories in the APRN contest since 1996.  (Folk/Acoustic, Inspirational, Regional/Alaskana, Other, Children's, Jazz, and Judgeıs Choice)

In the fall of 1994, Robin released her debut album, "North Country Living" showcasing twelve original pieces - several of the songs are about life in
"The Last Frontier", while the remainder reflects on family, friends, and life in general.  Her second album, "Up On A Mountain Top", released in 1996,
has the same flavor and feel, and contains eleven new, original tracks.  Her third CD is entitled "Pass It On", and has nine originals, plus four covers.
As collections, these albums run the gamut of styles and topics - from the crazy antics of "Fish On!", through the humor of "With One Swell Foop", to
the poignant twist in "Mama's Kisses" - there's something for everyone.  Her fourth and fifth CDs are compilations.  "Scrapbook" is a collection of
Robin's favorite pieces from the first three CDs.  You wonıt find any Alaskana here, just Robin at her singer-songwriter best.  There are also four new pieces sprinkled throughout, to keep things moving forward.  "The Alaska Collection" is just what the name implies - all of Robin's recordings about Alaska, gathered together for the first time on one CD.

In the spring of '95, she was commissioned to compose, record and perform "Arctic Fanfare"; the musical theme for the 1996 Arctic Winter Games. This piece received extensive airplay and news coverage in connection with the games.

As past Vice-President of the Anchorage Folk Festival, and coordinator of "Folk Week In The Schools (a Folk Festival sponsored event)", Robin has been very active in supporting other musicians, as well. She sponsors house concerts and songwriting seminars in her living room regularly, and hosts an annual songwriter's showcase every January.

Robin travels around the state, performing at private functions, festivals, coffeehouses and concerts. She is available for full length shows, or
shorter sets as part of a festival setting. She performs solo, using voice and guitar to showcase a variety of original music, Alaskana, blues, folk,
and forgotten favorites from the 30's and 40's.

For additional information write to: 

Robin Hopper, P.O. Box 670549, Chugiak, AK, 99567

phone: (907) 688-2032
e-mail: robin@robinhopper.com

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