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All music and words by Robin Hopper, unless noted. 

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Words by Jeff Fair, (with a few by Robin). 
Music by Robin Hopper. Performers: Robin (vocals, guitar, bass)
My friend Jeff was emceeing at the Alaska Folk Festival in Juneau a couple of years ago. At the end of his stint, he read a piece he had written for the occasion. I have long admired Jeff's books and published articles, and a year later, Jeff sent me the lyrics to his piece. I did a bit of toggling with the words, maneuvering it into song form, and surprised him with it during my performance at the Anchorage Folk Festival last year. Iím not quite sure heís forgiven me for pointing him out to the audience that evening, but I hope that itís the first of many collaborations. I love the way he looks at the world around him....


Words and music by Robin Hopper. 
With special thanks to Kristina Olsen, Cliff Eberhardt, Vance Gilbert, and Stephen Fearing. 
Performers: Robin (vocals, guitar), Robert Tornfelt (cello), Bernard Glansbeek (mandolin)
Iíve attended the Alaska Midnight Sun Songwriterís Camp for the last two years, and itís been a privilege to learn from some of the top singer-songwriters around. After ďfinishingĒ this piece, I took it to the song camp, for some help in refining it. After the first camp, it had evolved quite a bit, with the help of Kristina and Cliff, and at last summerís camp, Vance and Stephen talked me through some more changes that really made it into the kind of song I had envisioned.


Performers: Robin (vocals, guitar, bass), Charlie Hewitt (guitar), Ken Sease (lead guitar), Bernard Glansbeek (mandolin), Frank Solivan (fiddle)
After I put this one together, I discovered that I couldnít play it the way I wanted to - I donít play rhythm guitar, and I donít use a pick . (It always falls in the sound hole) I was very grateful when Charlie, the sound engineer offered to put me out of my misery in the studio and record the rhythm track. I took care of the bass line, and the fellas filled in all the fancy stuff. Sometimes, it helps to have talented friends!


Traditional music and lyrics. 
Performers: Robin (vocals, guitar), Bernard Glansbeek (bass), Frank Solivan (lead guitar)
This song is timeless - itís always been one of my favorites, and every time I hear it performed by someone, it takes on a whole new meaning for me. They just donít write them like they used to....


Performers: Robin (vocals, guitar, bass), Bernard Glansbeek (mandolin)
Inspiration for this one goes to Celeste, the mom of one of my bluegrass friends. We were getting ready for a party in my kitchen one day, and she was driving herself nuts looking for something. When she finally asked me if Iíd seen it, I pointed out that it was right in front of her on the counter. She exclaimed ďWell! I couldnít see it for looking!Ē I stopped dead in my tracks, and then rushed for a piece of paper - this was too good a line to pass by! After a few weeks of stewing about what to do with it, I came up with this piece. Sometimes, the more you look, the less you find.....


Performers: Robin (vocals), Bernard Glansbeek (bass, mandolin), Frank Solivan (fiddle), Charlie Hewitt (guitar), Tom Bargelski (piano)
My favorite Alaskan postcard is a shot of the Russian River by the ferry, when the reds are in. Itís shoulder-to-shoulder fishermen, three or four rows deep as far as you can see, with lines tangled and lures flying everywhere. In the forefront of the picture is Walt Disneyís Goofy, muscling his way into the crowd, trying to elbow his way into the lineup. While this may sound funny - itís not so far removed from the truth....


Words by Robin and Bruce Hopper. 
Music by Robin Hopper. 
Performers: Robin (vocals, guitar), Robert Tornfelt (cello), Bernard Glansbeek (mandolin)
Our friend, Alice, from Ohio sent me an e-mail story a while back. It stuck with me for several weeks, and as Iíve learned, that means that Iím going to have to write about it before it will leave me alone and let me sleep at night. Many thanks to Emily, Dale and Carol, who helped me ďloseĒ the first three or four verses to the song, since they didnít pertain in *any* way to the story I was trying to tell..... Thanks, guys.


Words and music by Lise Shnurr
Performers: Robin (vocals, guitar), Bernard Glansbeek (bass, mandolin), Frank Solivan (fiddle)
This is one of the prettiest waltzes I've ever heard. Every once in a while I hear a song that I wish I could have written - this is one of those songs.


Performers: Robin (vocals, guitar), Bernard Glansbeek (bass, mandolin)
We had a houseful of company over for Christmas dinner, and we were lolling around in the living room, stuffed to the gills. Our friend Lou was being stabbed by something he was sitting on. He reached around the cushion, and pulled huge spoon out of the couch! In seconds, everyone was hysterically laughing and trying to find their own ďtreasuresĒ (and they found some doozies!) Now, Iíve never been accused of being a good housekeeper, and when life embarrasses the heck out of you, write a song about it - youíll feel better!


Performers: Robin (vocals, piano morph), Charlie Hewitt (piano morph)
I woke up one morning last summer with the sound of this song drifting away in the dream I had just left. Sometimes, we donít feel as though we measure up to those around us, until we realize that there are other ways to look at ourselves......


Words by Maria Drake and music by Elinor Dusenbury.
Performers: Robin (vocals, guitar), Bernard Glansbeek (bass), Frank Solivan (octave violin)
Years ago, the newly-formed State of Alaska had a contest among school-children, to design a new flag. The winner was Benny Benson, an orphan from Seward. He drew the Big Dipper and the North Star in gold, on a background of rich blue. Alaskans are proud of their official state song, and I think it's beautiful. As a music teacher, Iíve made sure that every one of the thousands of students I've had in my classes carries this close to their heart.


Words and music by Brian K. Jones. 
Performers: Robin (vocals, guitar), Bernard Glansbeek (mandolin, bass), Frank Solivan (fiddle, mandolin)
When I first started teaching elementary school music in Alaska, I found an old, warped 45 record in one of my classroom closets. When I listened to the song, it told of the Fur Rendezvous, which is a carnival in the middle of February. It evolved from the days when the trappers used to come to town (Anchorage) with all their furs to sell. These guys didnít get out much, and after they had sold all their furs, and bought supplies to take back to their cabins in the Bush, they usually stuck around for a few days, to enjoy each otherís company, eat lots of good food, and play lots of games. Todayís ďRondyĒ is not for the trappers, but for all of us housebound, cabin-fever-crazed Alaskans who need something to focus on other than the long, dark winter months. Thereís nothing quite like the Fur Rondy!

Many thanks to: my family - Bruce, Caiti and Grady, and to Charlie, Ken and Amy at Mirror Studios. (Thanks Charlie, it was lots of fun!)

Recorded at The Mirror, Anchorage, Alaska
Produced by Robin Hopper and Charlie Hewitt
Graphic design and photos by Bruce Hopper
© Stillwater Productions. All rights reserved.

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