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Robin Hopper

About the Cover:

The cover photo was taken beneath a birch tree in our front yard, the white border on the photo is from a childhood snapshot.  My husband Bruce did all the photography and graphics for the project.

About the Album:

I've collected my favorite pieces from the first three CD's and put them all together here on one disk plus a handful of new, previously un-recorded pieces.  You won't find any Alaskana on here, just Robin Hopper at her singer/songwriter best (look for the all-Alaskan collection CD in late spring 2002.)  When I found I was a finalist for the 2001 Alaska Public Radio Network's (APRN) Song-of-the-Year Contest I decided it was time to put this project together.  Robin has been a three-time finalist for the APRN Song-of-the-Year Contest (1996, 1998, 2001).  All three of those pieces are included in this collection (A Long Goodbye, '96; Mamma's Kisses, '98; Time Enough to Cry, '01).

Song List:

Click on the highlighted songs to download a .WAV file which contains a small sample of the song. The .WAV file was recorded at 11 khz which is substantially less than the quality of the actual tape or CD, but at least you can hear Robin's music.

Starfish (4:18) Take It Easy (4:08)
The Chair (5:18) That Girl's in Love (2:57)
Take a Chance (2:19) You're Never Really Gone (4:09)
I've Wished You Back (3:07) Time Enough to Cry (2:59)
Make Your Own Peace (3:54) The Water is Wide (5:03)
The Years Fall Away (3:16) What a Day (2:20)
Earthquake (2:41) Mamma's Kisses (5:33)
A Long Goodbye (4:01) Pass It On (2:32)
Ring Around the Moon (2:15) Proverbs (5:33)

For the stories behind each song check out the liner notes.

Guest Artists:
Shonti Elder
Markus Bishko


Bernard Glansbeek
Electric Bass
Joe Page
Frank Solivan
Lead Guitar
Ken Sease
Lead Guitar
Kurt Riemann
Sampled Horn
Stu Schulman
Electric Bass
Tom Bryan
Lead Guitar
Tim Heavner
Charlie Hewitt
Rhythm Guitar
Dirk Westphal
Standup Bass
Robin Hopper
Mountain Dulcimer
Sampled Bass


How to Order:


To order on-line:

Our on-line purchases are handled through a distribution center for independent musicians called CD Baby.  Click on the link below to order "The Alaska Collection"

To order "The Alaska Collection" on-line, click here

To order via USPS: 

write to:

Robin Hopper
P.O. Box 670549
Chugiak, AK  99567-0549

CD's are $15.00 plus $1.00 P&H.

Please indicate on your order that you would like "Scrapbook"


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