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North Country Living

Robin's first recording was an instant success and still remains one of the most popular recordings in Alaska. The songs are about family and life in Alaska. The powerful lyrics in Mamma's Kisses are almost certain to bring a tear to your eye. The 2003 Alaska Public Radio Networkšs Song of the Year winner is contained in this collection. (Ring Around The Moon)

Up On A Mountain Top

Robin's second recording is even more popular than her first. Her words and music strike a deep emotional response in A Long Goodbye and will bring you to laughter with With One Swell Foop. After Robin sent her a copy of "A Long Goodbye",  Nancy Reagan commented that it is songs like this that help a person get through the hard days of caring for someone with Alzheimers.

Pass It On Pass It On

Her third recording is sure to please everyone. It contains songs that touch your heart and a few to tickle your funny bone. "Pass It On" and "The Chair" are the introspective "boo-hooers" that have become Robin's
trademark, and "That Girl's In Love" and "It's In the Couch" round out the lighter side. "Hands" is an introspective look at her road through life.  Robin also chose to record her version of "Alaska"s Flag", our beautiful state song, and she thanks the University of Alaska for granting her permission to include it on the CD. A must for your collection.


Robins fourth CD is a collection of her best work from the first three recordings.  No Alaskana on this one, just Robin at her singer-songwriter best.  She chose her favorite 14 originals from the first three Cds, and
added four new pieces, for good measure.  Youšll find all four of the pieces that were among the top five finalists for Alaska Public Radio Network's Song of the Year Contest, including the 2003 overall winner "Ring Around The Moon".  ("Mama's Kisses" 1996,  "A Long Goodbye" 1998, "Time Enough To Cry"
2001, and "Ring Around The Moon" 2003)

The Alaska Collection

Robin's most recent CD is exactly as the title implies - it's a compilation of every Alaskan piece that Robin has recorded - all together on one disc for the first time.  Youšll find songs about everything Alaskan here - fishing, flying, hiking, even our state song; "Alaska's Flag", - it's the perfect "tourist CD!"

Arctic Winter Games Theme

The Arctic Winter Games were hosted in Eagle River, Alaska in 1996 and Robin was commissioned to write the theme song for the event. She performed it live at the opening and closing ceremonies, every day at the awards ceremony, and several times daily at athletic and cultural events. The lyrics portray the very spirit of the games and the underlying heartbeat lends support to the message of the song. This single is available only on

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